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Tracking, micro movements, data, information storage, facial recognition, choices, monitor, privacy, security, personalised etc. Mobile applications and technology today is mainly focused around these features. With every application trying to store some kind of relatable data that gives an organisation of how you as an individual operate is a bit scary isn’t it?

Users usually remain unaware that by granting permissions to an app their information might  be harvested by third-party services. Second, users are not  informed of which apps share the same third-party services, rendering them unaware of the potentially rich data that the third-party services aggregate.

With the array of information that your phone hosts it is very important that companies take that next step towards keeping your privacy. 7 in 10 smartphones share your data with a third-party.  The question of privacy has become so important   that now there are apps to identify privacy leaks inflicted by your apps and the organizations collecting this information. One such initiative is The Haystack Project

More than 1,600 people who have used Lumen since October 2015 allowed us to analyze more than 5,000 apps. We discovered 598 internet sites likely to be tracking users for advertising purposes, including social media services like Facebook, large internet companies like Google and Yahoo, and online marketing companies under the umbrella of internet service providers like Verizon Wireless.

There has been both positive and negative impacts of all of these services. I think it will be very important for marketers to be able to provide unmatched value if people are willing to sacrifice such sensitive data. I personally am looking forward to a time when AI ends us generating personalised advertisements.

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  1. Michael Doolan says:

    Micro-expressions truly capture the real emotions consumers are feeling when seeing a product. Especially in the current reality of digital saturated marketing, it’s key to gain relevant insights based on such scarcity of exposure and feedback to create valuable products and improve communication to target consumers.

    Really well written and articulated as always! |

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    1. micro-moments are important to keep track of and follow for marketers. with such huge amounts of BIG-DATA being collected it is very essential for companies to maintain a secure data base toh. I think there is a scarcity of feedback mainly because either companies have not engaged the customers well enough or customers don’t trust them with information.


  2. Hey, great post! Tracking, micro movements, data, information storage, facial recognition, choices, monitor, privacy, security, personalised are all great tools for marketers to gain data on consumer behaviour. But, as you mentioned a lot of these data gathering techniques somewhat breaches consumers privacy. And this has led to many negative perceptions with online ads

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    1. Exactly! it took me a lot of time to become comfortable with giving my bank details to online websites although they guarantee secure transactions. Also sharing basic stuff like emails with other third parties leaves the customers in no confidence. I think marketers should also rethink and provide reasoning about what data are they seeking to collect and why so that a vote of confidence can be established in the minds of consumers.


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